Becoming A Member

Are you eligible to become a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas?

Any woman who is a lineal descendent of a man or woman who was a loyal citizen of the Republic of Texas prior to February 19, 1846, and is age sixteen or older may apply for membership.

Two members of the local chapter shall propose the Applicant’s name in writing. The Registrar presents the application for chapter vote. After approval, a letter of invitation is sent to the applicant.

Upon payment of initiation fee and dues and verification of her application papers by the Chapter Registrar and the Registrar General, she is entitled to membership.

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas is an association composed of over one hundred chapters. Each chapter is a part of the larger organization and must operate within the framework of the bylaws established by the association.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a part of The Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Stephen F. Austin Chapter or who wants more information should contact:

Chapter President: Sherilyn Beal
Chapter Registrar: Tina McMann

Tips on Proving DRT Eligibility

Deeds, probate records, guardianship records, church records, marriage records, newspaper articles written at the time of the event, wills, pension applications and records, voter registration certificates, and ship’s lists are all acceptable records for proof.

Supporting proof for all dates and names is required.

The relationship of one generation to another must be proven, using as little proof as possible. Redundant proof of a relationship, date, or proof of service is not required or desired. One set of proof may be used when applications of several persons with the same ancestor are submitted at the same time in one envelope. When referring to proof in a previous approved application, the referenced member’s number, name and applicant’s relationship to that member should be given. It must be verified that proper proof was submitted with that member’s application.

When using a death record as proof of service additional proof must be submitted.

Bible records must have been recorded as the event happened or, as secondary proof, must have supporting proof. Tombstone pictures must be photocopied, with the name and location of the cemetery typed on the page.

All documents must be clear enough to read. When using 1846 poll tax rolls of Texas as proof of payment of poll tax and presence in Texas, a photocopy of the microfilm must be submitted.

A DRT applicant may find the following sources helpful in securing proof of an ancestor’s colony, military service, residence or land grants in the Republic of Texas.

Family Records

  • Bibles, letters, memoirs, marriage license.

Population Records

  • Texas Census of 1840 by Gifford White
  • Federal Census

Military Records

  • Muster rolls, pay vouchers, proof of service from State Archives, Texas State Library, P.O. Box 12927, Austin, TX 78711.
  • San Jacinto roll from Wortham’s History of Texas, Vol. 3.

Land Records

  • General Land Office records, Austin, TX
  • Headrights and State of Texas patents at county clerk’s office.
  • Deed index, probate records at county clerk offices.


  • Austin’s Colony Pioneers by Worth S Ray
  • Austin’s Old 300 Wortham’s History of Texas, Vol. 1
  • DeWitt’s Colonist, Book of Brands,
  • Peter’s Colony by Seymour V Conner
  • Robertson’s Colony in Texas, Vol. VIII, ISBN 0-932408-08-7; Papers concerning Robertson’s Colony in Texas, Vol. XIII, by Malcolm McLean.

City and County Maps

Texas counties have changed many times from the early colonization period until the formation of the modern state as we know it. You might find period maps very helpful in focusing your search for your ancestors!